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"Taking over a hotel from your parents, with all the obligations and constraints, was never easy.

Developing my own style, retaining long-term regular customers and enjoing that more and more was my great life challenge.

Today I am enjoying the fruits of hard work more and more and I am happy about everyone I can share this with at the Gasthaus zur Post. "

Klaus Berens, owner

Built in 1859.

At the turn of the century it was the post office in town, hence the name. In the 1920s, my grandfather Anton Hillesheim bought the house from the previous owner, Franz Thomas.

He expanded it extensively, including the construction of the large hall. A winery with wine trade was created. In 1948 my parents Maria & Alfons Berens took over the business.

Tourism boomed on the Moselle during the economic boom. My parents added a few guest rooms to the house. In 1987 Klaus & Bettina Berens took over the inn in the third generation.

Extensive modernizations throughout the hotel were carried out.
The last changes were made in 2020 when the entire 2nd floor was converted into holiday apartments.

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