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We would be happy to arrange a wine tasting for you at our befriended wineries. Whether in town or in the region.

Our partner from the Vallendar distillery is 7 km from the hotel and is always worth a visit.

If you feel hungry over lunchtime, we recommend the tarte flambée (also vegan) in the Hubertus wine factory right on the Moselle in our town.

As a special souvenir, you can also purchase a very special box of wine from us. The 2020 chronicle of our partner Moselschoenheiten . Six bottles of wine with six very special stories from the Moselle on them.

We also include many pleasure products from our partner Pitsch & Söhne in our dishes. Like the vineyard peach chutney and the vineyard peach liqueur. You can also purchase all products from us.

Find out more about our meat producer, the Allmescher Biohof.

We are happy to help you plan your enjoyment experience with us!

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