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If you don't bring your own bike, our partner Wein Lenz in Klotten will be happy to lend you one.

Make sure you do the following 5 bike tours when you are with us:

1. Seitzkapellchen Klotten : The serpentines in Klotten can also be climbed by bike. The route from the chapel to Klotti Park is a great single trail!

2. Circular route in front of the front door:

You take the ferry across to the other side and drive in the direction of Karden on a wonderful natural path (not suitable for racing bikes) and back to Klotten via Treis. About 18 km.

3. SingleTrail round trip
For advanced mountain bikers, we recommend this collection of great single trails in one tour.

4. The Moselle cycle path passes right in front of our door.

5. The Maare Mosel Weg is a great tour for a whole day in connection with the train or bus.

We will be happy to advise you on site and find the right tour for you!

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