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Make sure you do the following 5 hikes when you are our guest:

1. Seitzkapellchen Klotten : Explore the mountain on your doorstep. Via the culture trail up through the vineyards to the Seitzkapellchen. An advanced walk of 1-2 hours.

2. Dortebachtal:
Klotten's nature reserve is 1 km downstream from us. After a half-hour hike, the goal is a beautiful waterfall. From there you can hike further to the "Runnhütt" and look at Klotten from above.

3. Apolloweg Valwig
A wonderful panorama trail halfway up the Moselle valley. From us you can take the ferry to the other side of the Moselle and from there over the Valwiger Berg to this hiking route. It takes about 3 hours back via Cochem.

4. Bremmer Calmont
The classic. Steepest vineyard in Europe. At the summit there is a beautiful wine stand with Rieslings from the vineyard that you have hiked through. The via ferrata is for advanced climbers. You can take the train from us to Bremm in 15 minutes!

5. Eltz Castle
You drive from us to Moselkern and hike up to what is probably Germany's most beautiful castle for about 1-2 hours. An absolute must!

We are happy to assist you with the planning!

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